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> Discord is down

> Try to go on Discord to complain to people on Discord that Discord is down

Me @ self: 

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Lets get an ask meme going

send an emoji

👋🏻 What’s your name?
🎂 When’s your birthday?
⭐️ What’s your zodiac sign?
🏡 Where were you born?
😶 What’s your ethnicity?
👄 What’s your first language?
👤 What’s your gender?
🌈 What’s your sexuality?
💋 What is your romantic orientation?
👕 What’s your favourite type of clothing?
👢 What’s your favourite type of shoes?
🕶 What’s your favourite accessory?
☂️ What’s your favourite type of weather?
🐾 What’s your favourite animal?
🐉 What’s your favourite mythical/extinct creature?
🌲 What’s your favourite plant?
🌷 What’s your favourite flower?
🍎 Favourite fruit?
🥐 Favourite foreign food?
🍟 Favourite fast food place?
🍪 Favourite sweets/candy/snack?
☕️ Tea or coffee?
🏒 Do you have a sporty hobby?
⛸ Ice skating or roller skating?
🏅 What’s your best achievement?
🎼 Do you play any musical instruments?
🎨 Would you call yourself an artist?
❤️ Are you single or taken?
💛 Who is your best friend?
💔 Who has broken your heart?
🖤 Do you hate anyone?
💚 Are you optimistic or pessimistic in problematic situations?
💙 Introvert or extrovert?
💜 What do you look like?

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Very disappointed I'm still getting asks to this effect, so let me clear it up, once again.

ANYTHING depicting minors in sexual situations - photos, drawings, or stories - is an instant ban.

I don't care whether it's "freedom of expression" or whatever in the US, it's illegal basically everywhere else.

It's not hard.


Tbh if you didn't come here to get away from that stuff, why are you here


Pedos, predators, whatever you want to fucking call those things ain't fucking welcome here nor should they be welcomed ANYWHERE. End of story. Sorry people don't accept you sweetie, but we aren't all disgusting pigs who think that preying on underage kids is okay :))))))

Waterfall isn't your new little haven since tumblr kicked y'all out, nor does ANYONE using the site want it to be that. It's REPULSIVE and DOES cause damage to children and victims of such sexualization and abuse.

Get some mental help if you think little kids are hot or anything like that, it's a sickness. That's it. You aren't special, you're a predator. You are NOT valid, you are a PREDATOR. YOU are the PROBLEM. NOT the people who OPPOSE YOU TRYING TO GET YOUR HANDS ON KIDS SO YOU CAN TRAUMATIZE THEM AND ABUSE THEM.

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the universe, beating me over the head with a stick: REGULATE YOUR SLEEPING SCHEDULE

me: 4 in the afternoon is a great time to take a 3 hour nap

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Very disappointed I'm still getting asks to this effect, so let me clear it up, once again.

ANYTHING depicting minors in sexual situations - photos, drawings, or stories - is an instant ban.

I don't care whether it's "freedom of expression" or whatever in the US, it's illegal basically everywhere else.

It's not hard.


Tbh if you didn't come here to get away from that stuff, why are you here

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art by ludashiki, character belongs to callmechainsaw

2019 | My half of an OC design trade with @callmechainsaw


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1 month ago

Pumpkin L

heres a little draw this in your style i did a  bit  back

if you wanna try out this picture tag me!

#art #drawing #Pumpkin art #artists on waterfall #draw this in your style #texts posts and miscellaneous

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1 month ago

Pumpkin L

thinking about making this into a shirt, maybe stickers? would anyone be interested? 

#Art #drawing #pumpkin art #artists on waterfall #texts posts and miscellaneous

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Simply Dreaming;
Mountain Lion with peridot, bunchberries, starflowers, and wild sarsaparilla

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On The Topic of Online Art Communities

It's difficult to be an artist, that much is clear. And with the evolution of social media and the fast paced world, competition and self doubt runs the show nowadays.Not to mention the algorithmic changes happening with every other social media lately, it's nearly impossibly to gather and keep an audience, this is why it's important to uplift eachother instead of relying on "followers". I know I put out this post so that I could find new artists to reblog and support, which I take very seriously and will try to the best of my ability to deliver. 

However that won't solve the problem of unseen artists. One person showcasing art is good, however I think something that was wrong with the Tumblr community was the lack of support we felt for one another. Tumblr had a fantastic way to allow art to come directly from the source and be shared around and networked, Waterfall has the same unique feature that could cultivate a perfect supportive community. However we don't seem to care for one another anymore, even I am finding myself less likely to look for new artists or try to help others. Everytime a post comes around that says "artists supporting artists" I see people just dropping their own page, their own info on how to see their own art, but not looking at anyone else's pages/websites/portfolios. I've done it countless times, hell even on the post I linked above people just reblogged it, but not gone in to the notes to see anyone else's page. 

Even during the renaissance, the new art motion, artists have been supporting eachother. Artists have always been connected to learn and grow from eachothe, swap ideas, mediums, foundings, etc. Social media nowadays seems to be like everyone is in a giant room, taping content on their section of the wall, but not walking two feet to the left to see anyone else's.

We need to put in the effort to support one another. I'm tired of friends and mutuals becoming insecure about their art because no one will support them.


Spread love y'all, reblog art, look at other artists, use the searchbar and look at the tags ( #art #myart #myoc #artistsonwaterfall/tumblr/instagram) 

You could even just click on the tags of this post and find a new friend, follow eachother! 

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this feels just like flarping where we can yell at each other across the dash because there's so few of us and we're all seeing the same shit

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i say uwu and owo out loud with absolutly 0 shame as an audiable questionmark and i think thats beautiful

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1 month ago

i made a new blog to reblog art that i think is cool!

its @artistspromo! :)

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1 month ago

Pumpkin L

I finally made my commission sheet! ...a week late

But here's my commission prices!! 

Things I will not draw:

*porn/fetish (i am willing to do risque stuff with nudity, but the character must be 18+, as well as you, the buyer)

*pedo or incest ships

*others ships i don't like (you'll have to ask)

*extensive gore (candy gore & minor blood is okay)

*people from photo reference (so self inserts are fine, just don't ask me to draw portraits from photo

*complicated anthro


I'm really trying to save money to move out of a toxic family situation so if you can't afford to commission me, please reblog this!

#texts posts and miscellaneous #pumpkin art #art #drawing #artists on waterfall #commission #commission prices #commissions #commissions open

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I’m learning spanish and japanese like the weeb I am, doulingo owl threatens me sometimes.


The duolingo owl has never threatened me, but they guilt trip me a lot.

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Not gonna lie, I caught myself thinking about how unfair the French people were to Marie Antoinette today. 


imma be fair, chief.

the royal system in france was fucked up BUT, they treated her like an outsider from the moment she entered the country just because of her nationality (which was a widespread problem throughout europe during that point in time), essentially made her erase her own culture that she'd been raised in because of french purism

and on top of that? the famous cake line was likely not even true

AND they made up lies that she was "a whore who performs sexual favors on the entire court"

so yeah, the royals were fucked up, but there was some real xenophobia and sexism directed at her all because she was from another country.

and all for what? so they could have five more revolutions after that? the french are such fucking drama queens i s2g

#ill have what the french were smoking in the 1700s lmfao

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1 month ago

Pumpkin L

I know this is the oldest of old memes but ive kinda been doing these every year since 2016... (tho i forgot to last year, oopsie!) using the ocs i used the most in the previous year.

And yeah, tag yourself, im sans


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1 month ago

Pumpkin L

first self portrait of the year!

#art #self portrait #artists on waterfall #drawing

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What is my worth measured by if not validation from my peers online? 😜

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