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yall my birthday is this saturday and i'd like to be able to afford to treat myself

if you have anything to spare id appreciate it a whole lot

Pumpkin L

Updated Commission Prices

Hey guys I decided to update my commission sheet again since we’re more than halfway into the year, and my art has changed a bit since i made my sheet in january!

so here’s my updated offerings and prices!

I’m saving up to move out, hopefully before the end of the year, and i already do have some money saved up, i just want to have an extra safety net--as well as some personal leisure money (being cooped up inside because i cant afford to go anywhere is really starting to get to me mentally, especially cause of how bad my home situation is)

so if you’re interested, hit me up, or if you know someone who would be interested tell them. and please reblog this so more people can see it! (even if you only have 4 followers, thats still 4 people who otherwise wouldnt have seen this post! and maybe they’ll spread the post to even more people!)


Pumpkin L

I did it again somehow!!

Also my commissions are always open! I'm trying to save up for a trip I'm going on later this month :)

happy pride month

ace people are valid and lgbt

no ace discourse or ill redact your patellas

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please,,, i need more,,, content

my waterfall stream is so empty,, not even a leaf or lilypad has floated by for hours

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In absolute awe at how I was able to recreate that piece i made have I done it....

Is this just my artstyle now???

Pumpkin L

you ever draw something and it feels like your hands gave you someone else's art?


this is literally the furthest from my art style i could ever get but yet, here this piece is

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I’ve brought you murr. 

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Thank you

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Judas, no

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Mint is spicey cold and you can’t covince me otherwise. 

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hi guys!!! whats up!!!!! :D

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Florida Man is the closest thing this world has to a supervillian

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my one political post

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Friendly Reminder

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love is a burning thing

1 note


more bone breaking 

i also posted this on my main so uhhhhhh 

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two men: *literally kill each other*

internet: ooooh there is so much homoerotic tension between them! screaming!! OTP 4 life

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Odette Hall 2019

This was a bitch and a half to make, but at least i have it now

Pumpkin L

I'm bad at designing robots so her design might not stay this way, but her name is Betty...

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In a world with kool aid, why would anyone drink soda pop

pumpkin - bubley

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The next update will, if all goes according to plan, include the Tumblr importer at long last. However, reblogs are posing an issue.

Should the importer only bring over original posts, or should it do indentations  (i.e blockquotes) for reblogs? Let me know in reblogs!

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maybe just original posts, tbh, since reblogs might clutter everything up? especially since i know im probably not the only person who reblogs a LOT of things...

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I can and will be hunted for sport

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*jazzy clarinet solo as I disappear into the void forever*

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and the fursuit of happiness